About Us

One of my greatest pleasures has always been baking. For years family and friends encouraged me to offer my baked goods for sale. In 1995 I decided to do just that. Choosing only four of my most cherished cake recipes, I started baking, told a few friends, and got out the word. The response was overwhelming. Within a few weeks the orders were arriving faster than I could handle. So, I organized my resources and have been able over the last few years to add new cake flavors and goodies to the list. I never tire of baking and test new recipes constantly. It is simply what I love to do!

All Brenda Starr goodies are baked from scratch in small batches. As always we ensure everything from the kitchen is baked to perfection, carefully and beautifully packaged, and shipped with my 100% personal guarantee of satisfaction.

Freeze an extra cake or two for instant special occasions or send cakes to your clients, your family, or loved ones. It's a gift that's appreciated by absolutely everyone.

You can order cakes by phone or the internet.....whatever's easiest for you. Quality, convenience, and service are as important at Brenda Starr's as fresh eggs, real butter, and pure vanilla extract.